Hi!  My name is Tricia.

I live in Tampa, Florida with my husband, Brett and two sons – Logan, age 14, and Judah, age 11. Brett and I work from home (some weeks I don’t get much work done – see blog topic) running a film production company and a not-for-profit that supports charities with inspiring films. Brett is the creative genius (yes, I’m very biased) and I try to help him stay organized and keep the books in order. Logan is getting ready to go into high school (which is really freaking me out) and is a pretty normal 14-year-old who loves video games, his friends, and sleeping. Judah is our free-spirited extrovert who keeps us entertained.

When I’m not working or mothering, and I have any energy left, I love reading, cooking, and vegan baking. I also love family time, dates with my husband, and hanging out with girlfriends – at the beach if possible.

I look forward to learning more about your story as we adventure forth together!